$12 Filet Bites*
Bite-sized tenderloin filet served over mashed potatoes with creamy Horseradish dipping sauce
$12 Ahi Tuna*
Sesame crusted and seared rare, served with Wasabi dipping sauce
$10.5 Southwest Egg Rolls
Spicy chicken egg rolls with Ranch dipping sauce
$12 Sweet & Spicy Shrimp
Tossed in our Sweet Chili sauce - perfect for sharing
$10.5 Jumbo Pretzel
It's BIG and served with Honey Mustard & cheese dipping sauce
$8 Fried Green Tomatoes
Topped with pimento cheese and bacon with Ranch dipping sauce
$9.5 Loaded Potato Skins
Loaded with cheese, bacon and served with sour cream
$9.5 Kicked-Up Nachos
Chicken, cheese, sour cream, scallions, jalapeño, tomato, salsa
$15 BBQ Nachos
Barbecue pork or chopped brisket, cheese, sour cream, scallions, jalapeño, tomato, salsa
$8.5 Buffalo Chicken Dip
Served with tortilla chips
$8 Fried Pickles
Served with creamy Horseradish or Ranch dipping sauce
$8 Fried Green Beans
Served with creamy Horseradish or Ranch dipping sauce
$8 Fried Mozzarella
Served with a marinara dipping sauce
$4 Chips & Salsa
$5 Chips & Guacamole

Mild • Hot • Extra Hot • Habanero Lime • Teriyaki • Lemon Pepper • Hot Lemonyaki • Golden BBQ • Sriracha • Garlic Parmesan • Sweet Chili • Garlic Parmesan • Caribbean Jerk Rub • Naked
TRADITIONAL WINGS:  Served with celery and choice of Bleu Cheese or Ranch

$11 SIX Wings
$17 TEN Wings
$32 TWENTY Wings

BONELESS: All white chicken breast nuggets tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Served with celery and Bleu Cheese or Ranch

$12 Small Boneless (8oz)
$18 Large Boneless (16oz)

All Tavern Burgers are served with your choice of Fries or Onion Rings
Quarter Pound of Fresh, Black Angus Beef; Pattied In-House Daily on a Fresh Engelman’s Bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Pickles Served on the Side

$9.5 Classic Tavern Burger (Topped with American Cheese)
$9.5 Mushroom Swiss (Sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese)
$9.5 Bacon Cheeseburger (Bacon, cheddar cheese)
$9.5 Black & Bleu (Cajun spiced, Bleu Cheese crumbles)

$12 Double-Double Tavern Burger (Double meat & double cheese)
$9.5 Create Your Own Burger - Make your own Tavern Burger!

TOPPINGS: American • Bleu Cheese • Cheddar • Pimento • Provolone • Swiss • Coney Sauce • Fresh Pico • Mushrooms • Jalapeño • Relish
DELUXE Toppings (Add $1) Avocado • Bacon • Bleu Cheese Slaw • Brisket • Guacamole • *Fried Egg • Pulled Pork

$9.5 Two Sliders
Topped with American cheese and served with fries (additional Sliders $3.50)

All sandwiches and wraps are served with choice of side item. Make any sandwich a wrap.
$10.5 Pulled Pork BBQ
Barbecue pork topped with crispy fried onion rings and pickles on a hoagie roll
$10 Fried Flounder
Fried Flounder filet served on a toasted croissant bun, topped with lettuce and tomato
$10 BBQ Bacon Chicken
Grilled chicken topped with bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce on a toasted bun
$9.5 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Fried chicken breast tossed in a Buffalo wing sauce with lettuce and tomato served on a toasted bun or as a wrap
$11 Tavern Cheese Steak
A hoagie roll loaded with grilled onions and peppers and topped with Provolone cheese
$10.5 Southern BLT
Fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, bacon and lettuce on a croissant bun
$10 Chicken Salad Croissant
Classic‎ chicken salad mixed with grapes, apple and pecans on a croissant bun
$8 Grilled 3-Cheese
American, cheddar & Swiss cheese on Texas toast
$9.5 Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap
Sliced chicken breast, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing
$15 Sliced Ribeye
Warm sliced ribeye steak, Provolone cheese, creamy Horseradish sauce on a hoagie roll
$9.5 Coney Island Hot Dogs

Two all beef hot dogs served on a fresh Engelman’s bun
The Original (Mustard, Coney sauce, onion)
All American Dawg (Mustard, ketchup, relish, onion)
Southern (BBQ pork, Bleu cheese slaw)

$9 Build your Own Salad - Make your Own Creation! 
Greens (choose one)

American‎ Blend, Spinach, Romaine
Toppings (choose five)
Apple, Avocado, Bacon, Bell Pepper, Bleu Cheese, Black Olives, Broccoli, Celery, Croutons, Cucumber, Egg, Grapes, Guacamole, Fresh Pico, Jalapeño, Mixed Cheese, Mushroom, Onion, Pecans, Salsa, Tomato
Dressings (choice one)
Bleu Cheese, Catalina, Honey Mustard, Italian, Ranch, Tavern Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Tropical Mango, Vidalia Onion

add Chicken, Chicken Salad for only $4.   Add Ahi Tuna*, Filet Bites*, Salmon, or Fried Shrimp for only $6.

$13 Southern Fried Chicken Salad
 American blend topped with tomato, cucumber, egg, cheese, pecans and chicken tenders with Vidalia onion dressing
$13 Tavern Cobb Salad
Romaine Topped with avocado, egg, tomato, bacon, bleu cheese and grilled chicken with Ranch dressing
$13 Chicken Caesar Salad
Classic Caesar with Romaine, croutons and Parmesan cheese
$13 Barbecue Salad
Choice of barbecue pork or chicken on American blend topped with tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, egg, barbecue drizzle and croutons with Vidalia Onion Dressing
$13 Grilled Chicken, Fruit & Nut
Romaine topped with grilled chicken, apples, grapes, celery, mixed cheese and pecans with Tropical Mango dressing
$11 Fried Green Tomato
Three‎ fried green tomatoes topped with Pimento cheese on Romaine with bacon, Roma tomatoes, and pecans with Ranch dressing
$4 Side Tavern or Side Caesar Salad

$13 Chicken Tenders
Lightly breaded chicken tenders served with Honey Mustard, Ranch, Texas Toast, and Fries or Onion Rings
$14 Fried Flounder & Shrimp Combo
Two flounder filets, fried shrimp tossed in Sweet Chili sauce. Served with fries and vegetable medley
$15 Filet Stir Fry*
Sliced beef tenderloin filet, peppers, mushrooms, onions and broccoli sauteed in a teriyaki sauce and served over seasoned rice
$9 Veggie Stir Fry
Peppers, mushrooms, onions and broccoli sauteed in a teriyaki sauce and served over seasoned rice
$13.5 Guinness Fish & Chips
Guinness beer battered fried cod fillets served with fries and Bleu cheese slaw
$15 Brisket Mac & Cheese
Chopped beef brisket over creamy macaroni and cheese with a barbecue drizzle and Italian Bread
$12.5 Creamy Blackened Chicken Pasta
Blackened chicken over rotini pasta with cream sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese and green onions and served with Italian bread and a side salad
$17 Sweet Bourbon Salmon
Marinated Salmon with a sweet bourbon glaze and served with broccoli and BLT pasta salad
$14.5 Pot Roast
Slow simmered, topped with gravy and served with mashed potatoes & gravy and vegetable medley
$14 Santa Fe Chicken
Two marinated chicken breast topped with avocado & fresh pico and served with vegetable medley and seasoned rice
$15 Lemon Pepper Fried Shrimp Platter
Crispy shrimp tossed in our lemon pepper seasoning and served with fries and Bleu cheese slaw
$15 Tres Tacos

Three tacos with tortilla chips and side salsa and guacamole
Chicken Tender Taco with crispy chicken, salsa, cheese and jalapenos
Fried Shrimp Taco tossed in Sweet Chili sauce, cucumbers and scallions
Chopped Brisket Taco with fresh pico

Fries • Broccoli • Mac & Cheese • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy • Onion Rings • Mixed Fruit • Bleu Cheese Slaw • BLT Pasta Salad • Vegetable Medley • Cinnamon Apples • Seasoned Rice • Sweet Potato Fries

Hamburger • Hot Dog • Corn Dog Nuggets • Grilled Cheese • Chicken Tenders • Spaghetti • Mac & Cheese

Includes one Side, Beverage & Ice Cream (12 and under only, please)


EIGHT for $8 Lunch‎
Choose one of the following for only $8! Available Monday - Friday, 11am - 4pm. Sandwiches served with fries.
Fried Flounder Sandwich

Small Boneless Wings & Fries

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Tavern Cheese Steak

Tavern Burger*

All American Hot Dogs

Build Your Own Salad

$6 Chocolate Delight
Rich, double chocolate cake, ice cream and chocolate sauce
$6 Dulce de Leche Fried Cheesecake
A rich caramel layer & creamy cheesecake in a crispy tortilla shell

$6 Cheesecake
Creamy cheesecake on a graham cracker crust topped with Bourbon Berry sauce
$6 Peanut Butter Pie
Creamy peanut butter pie topped with a rich chocolate ganache


(only available Sundays 11a-4p)
$5 Basket of cheesy mini-muffins
$9.5 Breakfast Sandwich*
Bacon, egg & cheese on Texas toast served with breakfast potatoes and cinnamon apples
$9 Breakfast Tacos*
Three tortillas filled with scrambled eggs*, bacon, cheese, and served with breakfast potatoes
$13 Steak & Eggs*
Our bite-sized tenderloin filet served with two eggs, Texas toast, and breakfast potatoes
$13.5 French Toast
Three pieces of cinnamon-sugared Texas toast, three slices of bacon, and mixed fruit
$13.5 Barbecue Brisket Hash*
Beef brisket, grilled onions & peppers, two eggs over easy with a barbecue drizzle over breakfast potatoes
Breakfast Potatoes, Cinnamon Apples, Mixed Fruit


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness*

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Top Dawg Tavern's menu offers something delicious for every appetite!

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